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An international carrier of wholesale voice

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AfriCallShop, the professionnal choice

AfriCallShop provides an easy and direct access to high quality and cost efficient voice routing Voice Termination.

Setup & manage with ease

Our innovative platform allows you to setup and manage all your products with convenience, transparency & speed. Use powerful tools to analyze data the way that best suits your needs.

Our advantages

  • Premium Voice Termination Quality : we use only direct or CLI routes to offer you the best quality.
  • Reliable termination: reach a new level of growth with our widest coverage in Africa.
  • Tier-1 quality at wholesale prices
  • IP interconnection via the Public Internet
  • Prepayment and real time online balance reporting
  • No setup nor capacity costs
  • Immediate e-invoicing

What we’ll offer?

  • Quick Voice Interconnect
  • Assured Quality and highest Quality
  • Best Rates
  • Rates and Usage Analytics
  • CLI Guarantee

 We’re here to help your business succeed

Reach us if you need further information or have any questions.

Need help?

Please contact us a support@africallshop.com.