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Mobile top up to Africa

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Send mobile top up to your loved ones

AfriCallShop offers an efficient service for mobile recharges

Mobile credit transfer or phone recharges service is a simple way to offer credit and maintain contact with your relatives residing in Africa.

We provide an innovative and reliable service for sending phone recharges all over the world but especially to Africa.

Top up any phone numbers

AfriCallShop has designed an offer to send phone recharges to Africa.

It is an economical, practical, simple and fast service:
  • Economic: we accept any type of amount. Indeed, we offer phone recharges of a few cents
  • Pratical and simple: the phone recharge transfer is available 24 hours a day. You can charge any prepaid mobile
  • Fast service: the recipient receives the credit right away.


AfriCallShop: topup prepaid phone

Africa: woman is calling

Download our app for iOS and Android and send phone recharges anywhere in Africa

How can I benefit immediately of AfriCallShop top up services?

  1. Create a new account from our website or app or sign in with your login and password
  2. Download AfriCallShop (Android or iOS)
  3. Send any recharges to your loved ones. You can also call them or send them SMS.