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Mobile top up Zimbabwe

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We understand that being separated from your loved ones in Zimbabwe can be difficult. We want you to feel closer to them thanks to our Mobile top up Zimbabwe service.

AfriCallShop offers a reliable and simple mobile top up. The feature is availabe from our website and our mobile apps(iOS, Android).

Mobile top up Zimbabwe: how it works?

This service allows you to send communication credit to your friends and family in Zimbabwe. Simply enter the mobile number to recharge and choose the value of the available phone recharge to Zimbabwe.

After how long will the recipient receive the phone recharge in Zimbabwe?

Generally, sending the credit only takes a few seconds. The recipient will receive a confirmation by SMS.

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Top up your loved ones in 3 steps

Simple, reliable and easy to use, to send phone refills, follow the steps below.

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  • Enter the phone number of your correspondent including the country code: type the phone number of your correspondent to verify that it can receive a phone recharge
  • Select the desired amount from the list of the phone recharges
  • Confirm the phone recharge: some information about your request of phone recharge appear :
    • Amount in local currency: this amount will be received by your correspondent
    • The country name linked to the phone number
    • The name of the telco company who owns the phone number