AfriCallShop, the best app to make cheap calls to Eritrea

AfriCallShop, the best app to make cheap calls to Eritrea

The prices for calling Eritrea can escalate rapidly. If you use your telecom operator to make international calls, you risk to pay astronomical amounts. 

AfriCallShop is the first VoIP service to provide you a calling plan to make cheap calls to Eritrea. Choose the AfriCallShop network to communicate with Eritreaand saving a lot of money.

Calling packages to Eritrea: make calls for a duration of 2 hours each month

Our Eritre acall package allows you to make cheap calls to all mobile networks (Eritel…) in Eritrea. You will be apple to call any mobile phone or landline anywhere in Eritrea.

Phone Eritrea: Eritel Mobile.

Install our Android ou Iphone app and begin to make calls to Eritel Eritrea phones. Do not forget to use the correct phone prefix (+291) to reach your Eritrea Eritel contacts.

Cheap rates to make international calls to Eritrea

We offer 2 hours of calls to use before the end of each month to people subscribing to this service. Please click here to find out the cost of your cheap calls to Eritrea.

Call Eritreafor free

Your first call to Eritreafor any operator is free. This allows us to test our service and validate the quality of our calls to Eritrea. Enjoy it.