Your first call is free. Call to Africa and anywhere in the world

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Your first call is free. Call to Africa and anywhere in the world

AfriCallShop is an international phone service that permit to make calls at cheap rates from the world to Africa. We can win free credit to calls your familly to stay in touch with your family. Download our apps for Android or iOS.

Your first call is free: how get it?

When you first registered, we offer a few free calling minutes. You are engaged in nothing and you can test the call quality! How to become AfriCallShop customer?

  1. First, Sign in to AfriCallShop from our website or mobile apps.
  2. Then dial the number you wish to call and launch the call.
  3. Finally, buy more calling credits to continue to use AfriCallShop.


Call for free thanks to Facebook

Call you family for free by earning calling credit by Facebook. It is ease, share AfriCallShop on your Facebook profile and get about 5 minutes of free call.


Call for free thanks to Twitter

Call for free to AfriCallShop with Twitter is also possible. Just share or follow AfriCallShop on Twitter and get free calling minutes to stay in touch with your family.

More benefits…

Do you need more free calling minutes? With AfriCallShop, all means are good to win credit to make more free calls. Loyal customers, students and sponsorship are also rewarded! Discover your various benefits

  • Users can receive free minutes according to their consumption
  • You can get free credit by sponsoring your friends. Your friends and you receive free credit by sponsorship.
  • Student offers: make calls to Africa at 15 cts/min each weekend*.
  • Use our coupon code “AFRICALLSHOP” to win more calling credits.

Why Africallshop?

AfriCallShop is a free commitment service that allows you to make international quality calls  without interruption to Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Comoros, Gabon, …

Being aware of internet connection problems on the continent, AfriCallShop plateform doesn’t require your interlocutor in Africa to download any apps to communicate with you. Indeed, AfriCallShop allows calls to all mobile and landline phone in Africa and anywhere in the world.

(*) Contact us for more informations about this offer.