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Cheap international calls to Africa: an economic offer

AfriCallShop is a leader on cheap international calls. We specialize on calls to Africa from the world to make it accessible to the African diaspora a very good and cheaper communication with his family and loved ones. We provide high-quality communications and a text messages services at economic prices. You can keep in touch with the Maghreb: call in Algeria, call in morocco or even call in Tunisia. You can call in particular in the rest of Africa and around the world.

AfriCallShop is totally untied from the bad practices of some service operators. We charge no fees for connecting calls. We provide prepaid service where only minutes consumed are billed.

We gave ourselves a task to create a transparent and major service in the telecommunications sector in order to ensure optimal quality of services to our customers.

Leader calls to Africa

The ambition of  AfriCallShop is great. Become the leader in the international calls to Africa is our daily leitmotiv. Thus, reliability, honesty and respect are our core values. We will strive constantly to provide to our customers the best quality of services: good quality calls at low rates.

The AfriCallShop adventure began in 2015

We started with a simple observation: it is not obvious to the African abroad to keep contact with their families in particular because of unacceptably high rates charged by traditional telecoms operators. After a year of work, AfriCallShop launches its first Android and iOS apps (iPhone, iPad and iPod). We thank the first customers for their trust and thank you to those who gave their opinion about our services on Google Play and Apple Store.