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Staying connected with friends and family in Africa shouldn’t be costly and complicated. With the advancement of technology used by AfriCallShop, making cheap international calls to Africa from your landline or mobile phone has become easier than ever.


Make cheap international calls to Africa from your landline or mobile phone

Calling Africa from your landline or mobile phone has never been more affordable and convenient, thanks to the AfriCallShop service. AfriCallShop is a reliable and cost-effective solution that allows you to make cheap international calls to various African countries, ensuring you stay connected with your loved ones and business contacts without breaking the bank.


Mobile Apps Dedicated to Cheap International Calls

We have designed dedicated mobile apps specialize in providing cheap international calling rates to specific regions, including Africa. Our apps have transparent pricing and no hidden fees, making them a straightforward and affordable choice.


AfriCallShop, your customized offer to make cheap international calls to Africa.

  • Impeccable call quality
  • An economic offer
  • No need phone card. You can call when you want and with a small budget
  • A security guarantee and no hidden fees!
  • Available on all smartphones and network mobile operators
  • Cheap calls to Africa, but also abroad


How I immediately enjoys the AfriCallShop service?

  • In just a few clicks, create a new account.
  • Install our App for international calling (Androïd or iOS)
  • Make cheap international call  from our app as many times as you like


Cheap international calls

Make cheap international calls to Africa

AfriCallShop is one of the best apps to make cheap international calls to all African countries.

Questions about international calls ?

What is an app international calls ?

An app for international calls is a mobile application that allows users to make phone calls to international numbers over the internet. These apps utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which converts voice signals into digital data and transmits them over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. As a result, international calls made through these apps are often more cost-effective than making calls through regular mobile carriers.

Call international free with AfriCallshop, is it possible ?

Yes by using the promo code “AFRICALLSHOP”. This coupon code can be used to obtain free calls after making a credit purchase.

Does AfriCallShop provide apps to call internationally?

How calling free international ?

You can get free minutes to make cheap international calls by using our promo code : “AFRICALLSHOP”.

What is the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone?

The cheapest way to make international calls from a cell phone can vary depending on your location, destination country, and specific needs. Here are some cost-effective options to consider:

  • Internet-based Calling Apps: Many apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Google Hangouts offer voice and video calling over the internet. As long as you have a stable Wi-Fi or data connection, you can make international calls for free or at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional cellular rates.
  • Local SIM Cards: If you’re traveling internationally, consider getting a local SIM card in the destination country. This can provide you with a local phone number and potentially lower rates for making local and international calls.
  • Discounted Calling Apps: There are specialized apps that focus on providing low-cost international calls. Examples include AfriCallShop, which offer competitive rates to various countries.

Does AfriCallShop provide cheap international calling cards ?

A cheap international calling card is a prepaid card that allows you to make international phone calls at a lower cost than traditional phone service providers. These cards are designed to provide cost-effective options for people who need to make calls to international destinations without incurring high charges.

AfriCallShop provides cheap international calling cards to Africa and anywhere in the world.

is AfriCallShop cheapest international phone plan ?

“cheapest international phone plan” refers to a mobile phone plan or service that offers the lowest cost for making international calls, sending texts, and using data when communicating with people in other countries. It’s a plan that provides budget-friendly options for individuals or businesses who frequently need to communicate with contacts located outside their home country.

AfriCallShop is one of the best apps that provides cheapest international phone plans.

How to call Africa ?

To call Africa, you’ll need to follow these general steps:

  • Dialing Code for Africa: Africa is a continent made up of many countries, each with its own country code. You will need to know the specific country code for the country you want to call. For example, the country code for Nigeria is +234, while the country code for South Africa is +27.
  • International Dialing Prefix: To make an international call, you usually need to start with an international dialing prefix. This varies depending on your location and the phone service provider you’re using. In many countries, the prefix is “00” or “+”, but it’s a good idea to check with your provider to confirm the correct prefix.
  • Country Code: After the international dialing prefix, you dial the country code for the African country you’re calling. For example, if you’re calling Kenya with country code +254, you would dial: 00 (or +) – 254.
  • Area Code (if applicable): Some countries have additional area codes that you may need to dial to reach a specific city or region within the country. This varies by country.
  • Local Number: Finally, you’ll need to dial the local phone number of the person you’re trying to call. Make sure you include any local area codes if necessary.

Is AfriCallShop the best app to call Africa ?

AfriCallShop specializes in international calling and offers affordable rates for calls to Africa. Yes, AfriCallShop is currenty the best app to call Africa at cheap rates.