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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Security of your Personal Information

AfriCallShop uses advanced technology and security procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Your information is stored on computer systems with limited access in a controlled environment. Your password helps protect your accounts and personal information. You have the responsibility to keep your password confidential. Do not tell anyone, and make sure you log out when leaving the www.africallshop.com site.

Access to your personal information

You may want to view or edit your personal information. To help prevent your personal information from being viewed by others, you need to log in with your credentials (username and password)

Opening an account AfriCallShop

You need to register to use AfriCallShop AfriCallShop Services. By registering, you confirm that you are an adult, you provide real information and you have any authorization to sign on behalf of any group requesting AfriCallShop service.

Information collection and use in general

AfriCallShop uses your personal information to improve AfriCallShop Services and to provide more effective customer service. Also, your information helps us to do research and analysis to help improve our service. Your information may be stored and processed by AfriCallShop and subsidiaries.

AfriCallShop only processes personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purpose:

  • Manage the identity of the user
  • Bill and payments
  • Provide After Sales Service
  • Manage the personal data and features
  • Deal with cancellations
  • Deal with complaints
  • Communicate for customer management
  • Manage disputes
  • Store user data
  • Operate the network
  • Operate services

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We don’t sell personal and sensitive user data. We will not disclose your personal information outside AfriCallShop.

App Contact list

Our app (Android or IOS) don’t never download users’ contact list information to https://www.africallshop.com or any websites.

Phone SMS and Calls history

Our app (Android or IOS) don’t never download users’ GSM Phone SMS and Call History  to https://www.africallshop.com or any websites.

What data are processed?

AfriCallShop processes the following categories of data:

  • Contact details: When you register, you fill in your email address, which will be your identifier for the Service.
  • ID data: In addition, when using AfriCallShop, your IP address will also be collected
    • Facebook app user ID: An identifier for a person who uses Facebook As a Service Authentication
    • Google User Id: An identifier for a person who uses Google As a Service Authentication
    • Apple Advertising ID (IDFA): An identifier for a person who uses Apple As a Service Authentication
    • User Contacts: when using the service on an Android/iOS terminal, a request to read the contact book of your terminal will be issued by AfriCallShop. All of this information in your contact book remains in the Terminal and is not sent to our servers or other.
    • Location data: Based on the IP address, only as part of its fight against fraud.

Log files and IP addresses

AfriCallShop uses your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Site

Excluded numbers

Some countries are excluded numbers or AfriCallShop because of their high cost per minute. These are often premium numbers, satellite or numbers which rates are higher than the average rate in the country.

What are your rights?

You have a right to access, rectify and delete your data.

How to exercise your rights?

You can exercise your rights at any time, just write us to contact@africallshop.com.