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5 minute free call

Get 5 Minute Free Call

With AfriCallShop, you can call anywhere in the world, including Africa, and enjoy the added advantage of earning free calling minutes. You can win 5 minute free calls using exclusive promo codes.


Get 5 minute free calls for calling All Around the Globe

AfriCallShop is your ultimate solution for making affordable international calls to various destinations, with a special focus on Africa. Say goodbye to exorbitant calling rates and stay connected with your loved ones, friends, or business associates, no matter where they are.


Claim Your 5 Minute Free Call

AfriCallShop wants to enhance your calling experience even further by offering you 5-minute free calls. Here’s how you can claim your free calling minutes:


Use Promo Code “AFRICALLSHOP” to get 5 minute free call

After signing up or before recharging your AfriCallShop account, make sure to enter the promo code “AFRICALLSHOP.” This exclusive code will unlock 5 minutes of free call credit, allowing you to talk to your heart’s content without any cost.


Use Promo Code “WINCREDIT” to have more 5 minute free call

AfriCallShop loves rewarding its users. Another way to enjoy 5 minutes of free call credit is by using the promo code “WINCREDIT.” Enter the code during the checkout process, and voilĂ , you’ll have 5 minutes to make international calls without spending a dime.


AfriCallShop is your go-to service for making international calls, especially to Africa, without draining your wallet. With the chance to claim 5-minute free calls using the promo codes “AFRICALLSHOP” and “WINCREDIT,” you can connect with your loved ones and friends worldwide at no additional cost. Say hello to seamless communication, no hidden fees, and complete control over your calling expenses.