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Top up airtime Ghana

Top up airtime Ghana is a service that lets you purchase mobile minutes and Internet data to Ghana to any cellphone or mobile phone handled by a GSM operator in Ghana.

This feature allow you to send mobile reloads to Ghana securely.

How to send airtime Ghana

Step 1: Enter your beneficiary’s phone number

First, enter the recipient’s mobile number. Please make sure the recipient’s mobile number your have entered is valid.

Step 2: Select the amount you want to top up

Second,you will need to select a amount from the dropdown you want to top up.

Step 3: Check the detail of your transaction

Next, you are going to a summary of your send top up transaction to Ghana:

  • Beneficiary’s phone number
  • The operator name of the beneficiary’s phone number
  • The amount you want to send
  • The amount that be delivered

Step 4: sending the airtime Ghana

Finalize the sending airtime to Ghana by clicking the button named “Send”.
Your beneficary will we receive an SMS informing him of your top up recharges. The beneficiary will be able to check his balance.
All mobile operators allow their customers to check their balance by call or SMS.

Top up airtime Ghana

Buying and sending airtime to Ghana is very easy and fast. We are working with a lot of operators to make this service reliable.


Got questions about sending recharges to Ghana?

Can I also send data to Ghana?

Yes, you can recharge data to Ghana

How to send a mobile to up online to Ghana?

  • Enter Ghana phone number
  • Select the amount you want to top up
  • Send the top up recharge

How do I contact the operators in Ghana?

All major operators provide a customer service available by call or live chat.
To contact the operator, please visit their website.