VoIP International calls: the solution for cheap international calls

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voip: a solution to make international calls

VoIP International calls: the solution for cheap international calls

Voice over IP: What is it?

IP telephony also called Voice over IP is an new technology that allows to communicate over Internet. The voice is digitized and then treated like any other audio data. IP telephony solution arouses enthusiasm among many companies. Voice over IP allows them to save a lot of money on their communication costs: national and international calls. In addition, Voice over IP doesn’t need to set up an expensive telephony infrastructure as traditional telephony. Indeed, VoIP allows two people or more, having a simple Internet connection, to discuss as much time as they wish even to the other end of the planet.


Several companies use VoIP technology to offer a paid call service to their customers. They build VoIP apps, anybody can use them. These apps, available on smartphone or PC or Mac,  permit to:

  • call anyone in the word
  • send SMS (text messages)
  • fax
  • or communicate by videoconferencing (in real time).

The IP telephony simplifies your life for international calls and manages three types of data: voice, data and video. A quick reminder of the benefits of VoIp:

  • faster than traditional telephony
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to use as traditional telephony



VoIP international calls: AfriCallShop is the best solution to call Africa at cheap rates

AfriCallShop innovates through its service and democratizes cheap international call to Africa from any phone (smartphone, mobile or landline). To become a customer, you will need to use only your phone device and that’s it: no special phone or broadband Internet.

AfriCallShop differs in several ways from most international:

  • No need to have a large Internet connection speed.
  • No obligation to get additional hardware.
  • No compatibility with mobile phones. Call from any iOS or android phones.
  • They offer in general calls cost at very high. With AfriCallShop, call at the local rates.


VoIP international calls: how to make calls?

Nothing easier that doing your call via our VoIP service. Once you have created your account and be signed successfully from our website or  iOS or Android app, you must dial the phone number you wish to call.  Launch the call and start to save money and see yourself how you save a lot of money compared to your telecom provider and competitors.


VoIP international calls: make cheap calls

Download our app for iOS and Android in order to get the best rates to call in Africa from anywhere in the world. Don’t forget, AfriCallShop provides only top quality calls.

Indeed, by choosing our service, you will make big savings compared to standard costs of standard telecoms operators that you often place calls to exorbitant prices and connection charges.


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