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Cheap international calls

International Calling Cards

Staying in touch with loved ones around the world can be expensive. International calling cards can be a great way to save money on long-distance calls. The solution? International calling cards. AfriCallShop is building for making international communication effortless and budget-friendly with our international calling cards.


What are International Calling Cards?

International calling cards are prepaid cards that allow you to make international calls at reduced rates. They offer a cost-effective way to stay connected with people in other countries, even when you’re far away. AfriCallShop, a renowned communication service provider, offers a range of international calling cards that simplify the process of making international calls.


Why Choose AfriCallShop’s International Calling Cards?

AfriCallShop is not just any service provider; it’s your gateway to seamless, budget-friendly international communication. Here’s why our international calling cards stand out.


Competitive Rates

AfriCallShop understands the importance of keeping communication costs in check. Our international calling cards come with some of the most competitive rates in the market, ensuring you get more minutes for your money.


Global Reach

With AfriCallShop’s international calling cards, you can connect with friends, family, or business partners in numerous countries, including hard-to-reach destinations.


User-Friendly Experience

Using AfriCallShop’s international calling cards is straightforward. We provide clear instructions, making it easy to get started and make calls to your desired destinations.


How to Use AfriCallShop’s International Calling Cards

Using AfriCallShop’s international calling cards is a breeze:

  • Purchase a Card: You can buy AfriCallShop’s international calling cards online from our website
  • Scratch off the PIN: Each card comes with a PIN hidden beneath a scratch-off layer. Scratch it off to reveal the PIN.
  • Dial the Access Number: Dial the access number provided on the card.
  • Enter the PIN: Follow the voice prompts and enter the PIN when prompted.
  • Dial Your Destination Number: After entering the PIN, dial the international number you wish to call, including the country code and area code.
  • Start Talking: Enjoy your call at the reduced rates provided by the international calling card.


International Calling Cards

AfriCallShop’s international calling cards are your solution to affordable, high-quality international calls. With competitive rates, global reach, and user-friendly convenience, they simplify the process of staying connected with people across the world. Say goodbye to costly international calls and start using AfriCallShop’s international calling cards. Connect with the world effortlessly and enjoy budget-friendly communication.