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What is VoiP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system that uses an internet connection to make and receive calls.
AfriCallShop use VoiP technology in order to allow you make international voip calls to Africa.

What is AfriCallShop?

AfriCallShop is an App that allows you to save money on international call and text messages (SMS). Our customer only pays the call duration with no extra charges.

How I contact AfriCallShop technical support?

Please send us an email at or use form to contact us.

Thank you in advance to specify the email address you use to sign up to AfriCallShop and describe as clearly as possible the problem you are having.

What is a local access number?

The local access number works as the traditional phone cards.

AfriCallShop offers its customers a list of local access numbers and a PIN. The PIN is called “access code”. The PIN code give you the permission to use AfriCallShop and is bound to your AfriCallShop account and never expires.

I cannot buy credit. What should I do?

Before to send us an email, first check that:

  • your credit card data. All informations you submitted in the payment form are valid? If yes, try to buy credit by PayPal.
  • If you still cannot buy credit, please contact AfriCallShop support at the following email address: or use this form to contact us.

What is 3D Secure?

According Wikipedia3-D Secure is a secure payment protocol on Internet.

3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. It was originally developed by Arcot Systems, Inc and first deployed[1] by Visa with the intention of improving the security of Internet payments and is offered to customers under the name Verified by Visa. Services based on the protocol have also been adopted by MasterCard as MasterCard SecureCode, and by JCB International as J/Secure. American Express added 3-D Secure on November 8, 2010, as American Express SafeKey, in select markets and continues to launch additional markets.

Do I use AfriCallShop with my Internet package?

Yes but your mobile/telecoms provider may charge additional costs for using Internet data (3G / 4G) or if you are exceeding the allowed call duration permit by them (if you use for example AfriCallShop local access number).

Using africallshop is not deducted from your mobile plan but if you use the 3G network of your mobile operator, so it may charge Internet usage. We advise you to have an unlimited INTERNET package to use AfriCallShop in the best conditions.

Is my phone compatible with AfriCallShop?

You can use AfriCallShop on iOS and Android phones and compatible devices.

I changed my phone number, what to do?

No problem, sign in to AfriCallShop and change your callerID by your new phone number.

Is it possible to make conference calls?

No, that’s not possible.

How to use AfriCallShop?

Do you have an iOS device?

Yes, please install our app for iOS from Apple Store and let us guide you.

Do you have an Androïd device?

Yes, please install our app for Android from Google Play and let us guide you.

How to use AfriCallShop if I don’t own an Android or an iOS device.

No worries, you can always call from our local access number. How to do?

  • Sign in to your AfriCallShop account
  • Clic on “Call and SMS” menu then “Calls”
  • Write you PIN
    • Dial our access number
    • Enter your PIN
    • Enter the phone number of your correspondent
    • Please wait, you’ll be connected with your correspondent.

Please find bellow the list of our local access numbers by country.

  • France: +33 172 828 326
  • USA: +1 209 260 356 0
  • Canada: +1 514 613 585 6
  • UK: +44 114 359 752 4
  • Belgium: +32 258 849 15

What are the benefits to call any mobile or landline from the local access number?

  • Great call quality: you do not use the internet connection so your call is better.
  • No additionnal cost: really cheap international call rates

iPhone: when I call someone, he cannot hear me

If you hear your correspondent but he cannot hear you, it is likely that our AfriCallShop app does not have the permissions to access to the microphone of your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod).

On iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), during the installation of AfriCallShop app, Apple asked the permission to use the microphone for our app. It seems that you have denied it.

Check on iPhone (iOS) that the microphone is activated

Below is a screenshot to verify that AfriCallShop app has well access to the microphone.


May be, you are using a headphones and that is the problem. Try to make calls without the headphones.

If the problem is not resolved, please contact us at support[at]

Why my payment was declined?

If your order has been declined, it may have one or more reasons for this.

This could be because your card details need updating, please ensure all of your card details are correct.

If your card details are correct, may be the bank has declined your payment. Your bank will not allow us to take the money owing for your order. Some of our customers have had success in contacting their bank informing them an order will be placed and giving permission to take funds.

If the problem is not resolved, please contact us.

What do I do If I am having a calling issue?

If you have an issue with your calls, first check the following informations:

  • Check the phone number you are entered is in an international format
  • Check if the phone number is valid
  • Check if the phone number is reachable.

If the problem is not resolved, please contact us and give us information about the problematic call:

  • If you are using the local numbers, which one did you dial?
  • Which International number were you trying to reach?
  • Did you hear any message? If yes, What did the message say?
  • Did you get any error message? If yes, make a screenshot
  • What is the exact date and time of your call?
  • What is your Internet provider operator?

How making your first AfriCallShop call?

For a call to any regular phone, enter the desired number in the textbox and click the dial button.

If you are calling a landline or a mobile phone, the call will be placed at a few costs. So you must buy credits first.

You can check our prices for international calls to Africa here.

Please note that when you call a number (even if it’s local) you should always dial (00 + country code + area code + subscriber number).

For any problems, please contact us. We are available to help you  to resolv any issues.

With AfriCallShop, I can call but I could not receive calls. AfriCallShop app blocks the incoming calls.

Our application does not block any incoming or outgoing calls. The AfriCallShop application does not interfere with the management of your calls.